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...the wind that rushes through the grasses of a summer meadow; the echoing calls of the geese as they migrate south in the fall; the crackle of a fire that warms me and my loved ones on a chilly winter's night.

These are the simple little things that fill my heart; that inspire me to pause and appreciate all of life around me, and to not take for granted even the smallest of things that make me smile and feel at peace - for at the end of the day it's these simple little things that add up to mean the most in my life.

This journal is a place to share and to savor some of those simple little things I am lucky enough to come across in my adventures here in Central Pennsylvania, or wherever I may wander to! Whether it's a snippet of nature's beauty, a tasty new recipe to try, a day in the garden planting, finding a unique treasure at a yard sale, or simply something that caught my eye to capture with my camera, I'd like to share with you these moments and inspirations. Thanks so much for dropping by!